Who Makes OnePlus Phones?

Owned by Chinese electronics conglomerate BBK Electronics, OnePlus has previously confirmed that it shares research and development teams and manufacturing lines with at least one other brand in its parent company’s portfolio: Oppo.

So, Who Makes OnePlus Phones?

Seeing as BBK Electronics sits at the head of the table, the official answer is BBK Electronics makes OnePlus phones. But in actuality, development and production is split between both OnePlus and Oppo, hence the similarities between their devices.

Quick Fact

Shipping 199.3 million handsets in 2017, BBK Electronics is the world’s third-largest smartphone maker. Apple is in second place, shipping 215.8 million, while Samsung claimed the top spot with 317.7 million shipments.

But the story doesn’t end there. BBK Electronics has two other smartphone brands: Realme and Vivo. While OnePlus has never confirmed or even alluded to this being the case, there’s a chance it could leverage their manufacturing lines as well.

Where Are OnePlus Phones Made?

OnePlus phones are made in factories in Shenzhen, China. Most of the production line is still operated by humans with very little automation, noted BBC Click during a visit to one of the facilities in November 2017.