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Android 12 to Bring Theme Store to OnePlus Smartphones

OnePlus has announced it will be releasing a Theme Store in the next major version of OxygenOS, which should be OxygenOS 12 (Android 12), there’s no word on when it will start rolling out.

Just like Galaxy Themes that comes baked into Samsung’s OneUI firmware, the OnePlus Theme Store will allow visitors to download and install other user-created themes on their handset.

The OnePlus Theme Store will also serve as a repository for wallpapers, and may even include icons and fonts, which users will be able to install with no risk of infecting their device with a virus.

It’s unclear whether the OnePlus Theme Store will only contain free offerings or whether creators will be able to charge for the creations as they can on Samsung’s Galaxy Themes marketplace.

We won’t having to wait long to find out more, though: OnePlus is hosting an Open Ears event on May 18 at 10 AM (ET) to share more about the feature and see what fans have to say.

Attendees who propose an idea or make a recommendation that’s accepted by OnePlus will receive a goodie bag containing a Hasselblad postcard, an Open Ears event pin, and a t-shirt.

Those interested in dialing in will need to register their interest by filling in this form before May 12.