What Time is the Johnny Depp Trial Today? Full Schedule for May 24

We’re in the final week of the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial, with closing arguments scheduled for Friday, May 27, before the jury head out for deliberations — which could take anywhere from a few minutes, to a few hours, to a few weeks. Here’s the all-important Johnny Depp trial time for today, as well as information on how to tune in to the trial stream, so you can watch the final questioning live.

What Time Is the Johnny Depp Trial Today?

Johnny Depp’s defamation case against former wife Amber Heard will resume in the Fairfax, Virgina, at 9 AM ET. The case is being broadcast to the world, and can be watched online and on certain news stations. We’ll include the stream below — when it’s available — so you can watch the action unfold, as Depp could be called as a witness to by Heard’s team, six weeks after he first took the stand in this case.

Court will be in session from 9 AM ET and will conclude around 5:30 PM ET, a half-hour extension on the 5 PM ET finish we saw up until this week to ensure closing arguments happen on May 27. We’ll see three breaks throughout the day: 15 minutes in the morning and  afternoon, and an hour for lunch Occasionally, the trial will run a little longer to complete a line of questioning or to make up for a shift in scheduling.

Watch the Johnny Depp Trial Stream

Today’s Johnny Depp trial stream isn’t live yet. We should see the feed open around 8:40 AM ET, in time for Depp’s arrival at the courthouse, and will include the stream below when it’s available, so be sure to check back nearer the time to tune in live. In the meantime, you can catch up on what happened yesterday below. You’ll need to skip through fast though — we only have a couple of hours until the trial resumes!

Catch Up on What Happened Last Week

Missed the questioning last week? The Law & Crime Network has pieced together a recap of Amber Heard’s cross-examination and witness testimonies, so you can use the time between now and the start of the trial today to catch up on the events that unfolded, which saw a series of witnesses take the stand for Heard’s defence. The video is around an hour long, with commentary to help you make sense of it all.