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OnePlus is Crushing it in Europe — Sales up 388%

OnePlus has announced that sales in Europe are up 388%, with the firm’s flagship line, which includes the OnePlus 9, accounting for 65% of all items sold in the market. In fact, the OnePlus 9 is such a hit in the region that it was the best-selling smartphone on launch day on Amazon in both France and Spain.

This boom in sales resulted in a dramatic rise in revenue, which saw a massive 286% increase in Q1 2021, compared to Q1 2020. The bulk of the sales originated in North Europe, contributing more than 30% of the revenue, followed by West Europe. The top three individual contributors were the UK, Germany and Finland.

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In total, there are now 3 million OnePlus users in Europe out of an estimated ten million globally. OnePlus credits its new-found success in the region to its ability to offer 5G devices at a low cost, partnering with reputable carriers like Vodafone and O2 and retailers like Amazon to distribute them to the masses.