New OnePlus TV to Launch Next Week — What You Need to Know

OnePlus is working on a new Smart TV that will launch exclusively through Flipkart in India on May 24.

It’s called the OnePlus TV 40Y1 and is believed to have a 40-inch Full HD screen. Under the hood, we should be looking at 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. The television will also ship running Android TV OS, decked out with OxygenPlay, which offers content recommendations tailored to the viewer, and OnePlus Connect, which lets you use a OnePlus handset as a remote control.

Seeing as OnePlus is still yet to launch one of its OnePlus TVs outside of China and India, it’s safe to assume this latest model will make it to Europe or North America. It’s unclear whether it will launch in China, either. All we know for certain is that the OnePlus TV 40Y1 will be available in India on May 24, where it’s expected to retail for less than ₹30,000 ($400) through online retailer Flipkart.

Will We See a OnePlus TV in North America?

OnePlus has been relatively quiet about launching a OnePlus TV in Europe or North America. The last time it entertained the idea was after the first OnePlus TV launched in 2019, when OnePlus CEO Pete Lau explained that the company was “working hard to launch OnePlus TV in North America, Europe and China” and that it was trying to establish partnerships with local content providers.

So far, we’ve only seen a launch in one of those regions. Seeing as OnePlus doesn’t have the cult following it does in China and India in the United States, we’re inclined to believe launching a television there is lower down the list of its priorities — and it should be. We’d much rather OnePlus focus on something more pressing, like rolling out firmware updates on time, with no bugs.