Have Firmware Updates Put You Off Buying Another OnePlus Phone?

OnePlus leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to firmware updates. It rolls them out at random, with older devices often receiving the latest Android Security Patch before newer handsets, and doesn’t appear to be conducting rigorous testing, with each release creating a new issue — at least that’s how it feels.

We know we aren’t alone. The internet is filled with complains from OnePlus users all over the world asking OnePlus to clean up its act. Some even claim the experience has left such a sour taste that they’ll be switching to a different manufacturer when the time comes to start shopping around for a new smartphone.

This got us wondering how severe the damage is, so we’re asking our readers: Have firmware updates put you off buying another OnePlus smartphone? Let us know your thoughts by casting a vote in the poll below. We’ll stop the voting at 11:59 PM ET on Sunday, May 30, and publish the results first thing on Monday, May 31.